Monday, December 31, 2012


Before Jyoti Singh (variously referred to in the media as Damini or Nirbhaya) and the little trust that might have remained in the government are consigned to the dying embers of 2012, I thought I would add a small bit to all that has been said already.

Many eloquent pieces have been written on this aspect that I agree with in totality; here are links to two that struck deep chords:

Instead, let me concentrate on the 1000+-page charge sheet that has been filed today by the Delhi Police. Specifically, on what it does NOT contain – a list of the nameless, faceless people whose crimes of omission and commission aided and abetted the rape and murder that has fired a nation’s anger. And who continue to go unnoticed and unpunished because they are shielded by a political establishment who filibuster landmark legislation opportunities like the Lokpal Bill that could have stripped them of their masks.
• The traffickers of unsafe public transport
• The gatekeepers of unregistered F.I.Rs
• The deliberate diffusers of governance and accountability
• The VERY IMPOTENT POLITICIANS who allocate disproportionate resources to themselves – security protection being just one such example
• The bribe takers – and the bribe givers – who siphon off public funds from rural and urban development and send disenchanted men down the dark alleys of our cities

The list goes on and on; I do not claim that this is by any means exhaustive. But we have to start somewhere.

Let us recognize that each of these five categories of people – all of which include public servants responsible for those elements of governance – play these games for personal benefit and do not think of the outcomes as parts of a whole that can converge to a matter of life and death.

Except that on the 16th of December 2012, they converged. And Jyoti Singh died.

For the next five days, I invite thoughts and suggestions on these five aspects, and will deal with them in subsequent posts.